Financial Partners have a choice on where they would like to see their finances go! We have operational costs and we have “Sponsor a Family.” The entire $35 or $55 donated to supply a local family with a box is directly to purchase the box. No operations costs are taken from that amount.

We do however have costs associated with running a non-profit, and that is where you, the financial partner comes in! We need a team of individuals, businesses, churches and organizations standing with us and donating money to get the word out. Because our operational costs are very low, the majority of funds is put back towards the ministry to continue to reach more and more families in our city.

Business Partners

There are some great local businesses in Bakersfield and many of them have a great sense of community. You don't need to be a religious person or organization to become involved. Believers and non-believers share at least one thing in common - this is OUR community. Together we can become part of the solution. And since we are a local non-profit, all donations are tax deductible.


Financial Partners