This a fantastic way to get your church or small group involved within the community Fighting Hunger and Feeding Souls. We love to partner with the churches of Bakersfield. We have a mission field right outside our doors in dire need of seeing the church body in action.

  • Businesses

    There are some great local businesses in Bakersfield and many of them have a great sense of community. You don't need to be a religious person or organization to become involved. We have this in common: OUR community. Together we can become part of the solution. And since we are a local non-profit, all donations are tax deductible.

  • Fund a Family

    We offer two different types of boxes for purchase every month. If you are interested in buying a box for a local family, check out the donate page! We are always looking for partners to directly support local families! $35/month will directly impact a family in your city! We also have the Griller Box for $55! Check out what comes in the boxes! 

  • Financial Partners

    We have costs associated with running a non-profit, and that is where you, the financial partner comes in! We need a team of individuals, businesses, churches and organizations standing with us and donating money to get the word out. Because our operational costs are very low, the majority of funds is put back towards the ministry to continue to reach more and more families in our city. 


    We wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer. Billy Graham once said, "To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees." Please join our fight with this simple, yet powerful act.

    Every third Saturday of the month we need of teams to

    join us at our warehouse on 901 Sacramento St. at 8:30 am.

Watch this short video of what Distribution Day looks like!


Prayer Teams

Our Prayer Teams arrive and prayer over people going out to deliver the food boxes and with anyone who comes to pick up their box at the warehouse. We are intentional. We ask questions. We make eye contact. We pray with people, because we know prayer changes things and blesses the person receiving the prayer, and the person praying. 

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer. 

Billy Graham once said, "To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees." Join our fight with this simple, yet powerful act!



Delivery Drivers

Once the boxes are full of fresh food, we have them ready for you to pick up and take to a local family. We love the delivery aspect because it provides a personal touch. You never know…you could be the highlight of someone’s day!

Thanks to Family Sponsorships we continue to grow and so does our need for Distribution Partners. Just a couple of hours once-per-month is all that is required of your time. These 'Team Members' load up a few boxes and deliver them to the homes of the needy. Our distribution partners have amazing stories to share. So many blessings for all from just this simple box and that first knock on the door. 


MS Packing 0617-189.jpg

Packing Teams

Teams of people work together to fill over 250 boxes with fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, recipes, and some other goodies! 

This is a great way to see Morning Star at work firsthand. We gather the third Saturday of each month to carefully pack the boxes and prepare them for distribution.

MS Packing 0617-195.jpg